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Potential Costs for a First DUI Conviction

Most people are aware that DUI convictions are very costly. However, most are unaware of the actual costs associated with a first DUI conviction under VC 23152(a) or VC 23152(b), in San Diego County and the State of California.

Costs have risen since 2010, and here is an idea of what someone can expect to pay for first time DUI conviction.

  • DUI fine: $390.00 minimum
  • County penalties: $1,245.00
  • Vehicle tow/storage: $350.00
  • Alcohol education class: $575.00
  • Victim restitution fund: $140.00
  • DMV license reissue: $125.00
  • Booking: $170.00
  • Auto insurance increase: up to $10,000

To avoid or minimize some or all of these consequences, hire an experienced DUI attorney. I have extensive experience fighting on behalf of my clients charged with DUI. If you have been charged recently with VC 23152(a) or VC 23152(b), contact Kern Law, APC, today and speak with me personally about your case. I will provide you with a free consultation.