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Need to Fight a Restraining Order?

My Firm Represents Military Members in Civilian Court

Accusations of violence and abuse are not uncommon in military families. Many soldiers suffer from PTSD and other stress-related conditions that could be misconstrued by others, including friends and loved ones. Have you been accused of domestic violence, assault, or battery as a member of the military? Kern Law, APC can provide solid defense in civilian court to fight a restraining order.

What is a restraining order?

Individuals who feel threatened by someone else or who are seeking to protect themselves from abuse can approach the court and request a restraining order. This court order mandates that the other person (the alleged threat or abuser) does not contact or come near the person who received the restraining order.

Restraining orders prohibit the restricted person from certain behaviors against the protected person, including:

  • Coming within a certain distance (e.g. 50 or 100 yards) of the person, their workplace, their home, their children's schools or child care, their vehicle, and other such places
  • Contacting, calling, or messaging them
  • Coming into physical contact with them
  • Attacking, striking, or battering them
  • Stalking them
  • Threatening or harassing them
  • Sexually assaulting them

The restricted person also may not destroy the protected person's personal property or disturb the peace of the protected person.

As a member of the military, having a restraining order taken out against you can affect your reputation and your career. You need a San Diego military criminal defense attorney who knows how to skillfully defend military members in civil criminal cases. You need a lawyer from Kern Law, APC.

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