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Drug Possession Attorney in San Diego

California state laws are severe when it comes to the crime of drug possession. As your San Diego drug offense lawyer, I can listen to your situation and help you develop a working defense. You may have had a legitimate reason for being caught in the possession of drugs, whether they were planted on you, you were not aware of their presence in your home or car, or you have a valid prescription. During a free case evaluation, I can listen to your story and concerns and answer your questions. You may feel like you have already lost this fight, but my firm can be by your side to ensure that your case is strong and can help you reduce charges or avoid conviction.

California Drug Possession Laws

Penalties for the charge of drug possession can include extensive prison time, but the specific charge will depend on the schedule of drug involved in your offense. Schedules are used to determine the severity of your case.

They are as follows:

  • Schedule I - Most dangerous drugs with highest risk of addiction and no medical purpose
  • Schedule II - High risk of abuse but may have properties for medical use
  • Schedule III - Less dangerous than Schedule II but have moderate risk of dependency
  • Schedule IV - Slight risk of abuse or dependency and acceptable medical uses
  • Schedule V - Lowest risk of dependency and often used for medical purposes

If you are facing time in prison or a criminal record, your life could be forever changed. Typically, drug possession charges in California are felonies, except the possession of marijuana for personal use.

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My firm has experience defending the rights of people charged with drug possession and can help you protect your freedom. California offers alternatives to incarceration for people charged with drug offenses, particularly first-time offenders, and I can discuss your available options with you today.

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