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Cocaine Offenses

San Diego Drug Offense Lawyer Can Defend You Against Cocaine Charges

If you have been charged for the possession, sale, distribution or transportation of cocaine, you will need to secure effective defense from the experienced San Diego drug offense lawyer at Kern Law, APC. An arrest for possession of even a small amount of cocaine may result in heavy penalties and life-changing circumstances, including a permanent criminal record. I have the legal knowledge to successfully guide you through your case and provide you with a defense that is directed at a reduction or dismissal of your drug charge.

California cocaine laws are listed under the Health and Safety Code §1100. Drug offense penalties for the possession, sale or transportation of cocaine will depend on the specific action and the circumstances surrounding the offense. Consequences are enhanced if the offense took place near a location that is frequented by children and minors. If the use of force is involved in the distribution of cocaine, then the average prison sentence of three to five years can be enhanced.

Need a Lawyer for a Drug Case in San Diego?

Cocaine is known to be highly addictive, making it a very lucrative product for drug dealers and transporters. Prosecution efforts have increased toward those who have any part in illegal actions involving cocaine, especially if aggravating conditions are involved.

Several factors that can increase the severity of a charge include:

  • Prior criminal history
  • Any injuries or deaths resulting from the alleged crime
  • Involvement of minors
  • The alleged offender's age
  • Type of cocaine used
  • Amount of cocaine used

Heavy penalties may await you if you have been arrested for any type of drug offense involving cocaine. It is imperative to gain an understanding of your available options and to contact Kern Law, APC today. I can provide you with aggressive defense and help you through your drug offense case.