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San Diego Methamphetamine Offense Lawyer

Have you been charged with a drug crime involving crystal meth?

Charges for any type of drug offense in the state of California can result in serious penalties when a defendant is convicted. If you are arrested for a drug offense involving methamphetamine, also known as meth and crystal meth, it is important to secure the legal assistance of a dedicated San Diego drug offense lawyer.

As you pursue a desirable outcome, my representation can be used on your behalf. My firm can help you pursue a reduction or dismissal of charges by protecting your interests and building a solid defense cased on thorough investigation. If methamphetamine was found on your possession, you can be convicted and face heavy penalties, so you need an attorney who can advocate for you and protect your rights.

California Methamphetamine Charges

Under California law, meth can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony. Different factors involved in your case can influence the judge's determination as to the type of charge to be given. Up to one year in jail is the typical penalty if you are charged with misdemeanor possession. If you are charged with felony possession, you could face 16 months, 2 years or 3 years in prison. This determination for requested sentencing is made by the prosecutor of your case based on your criminal history.

Alternatives to incarceration in California include drug courts, Proposition 36 and deferred judgment. If any of these sentencing options appear to be a viable option in your case, the San Diego drug offense attorney from my firm can discuss this with you. Defense strategies such as those discussed above can be legitimate options to avoid the severe consequences of a meth conviction. Need a lawyer for your meth charges in San Diego?

With 20 years of experience, my firm can handle your drug crime charge with attention toward both time and cost-efficiency. I offer a free case evaluation to help you build a strong defense that can be effective in court.

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