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San Diego Drug Distribution Lawyer

Understanding California Distribution Charges

Drug distribution charges are often made when a large amount of a drug, whether cocaine, marijuana or another type, is found in the defendant's possession. It is a serious crime and can be charged as a felony, depending on many factors. Distribution charges can include a broad range of criminal drug activity, including the sale, transfer, import, and transport of controlled substances, illegal drugs, and prescription drugs in some cases. Criminal charges against you will be pursued by the prosecutor if it is believed that you have been involved in the distribution of drugs in any community.

In order to prove that an offense qualifies as distribution, drug offense prosecutors have to prove that the conduct of the defendant was not simply possession for personal use. Evidence will have to include the amount of drugs associated with your case and the type of drug used as well as any other indicators of intent to distribute, such as scales or packaging for small amounts of the drug.

At Kern Law, APC, my goal as your San Diego drug offense lawyer will be to provide evidence to the court in support of a reduction or dismissal of such charges. I can use a variety of applicable defenses on your behalf, including possession for personal use and entrapment.

Penalties for Drug Distribution Offenders

If you are arrested for drug distribution, it is important to take action to avoid a conviction. Your charge may depend on the type of drug, any prior criminal record, and other sentence enhancements. Penalties for this offense are heavy, especially when aggravated conditions are involved. Penalties can be enhanced if the allegations include the distribution of drugs to or around minors.

California's laws aim to protect minors from participation in drug offenses, which is the reason for the enhancement of penalties for people who engage in drug activity in an area specified for children, such as a school zone. Searching for a lawyer to defend your drug distribution charges in San Diego?

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