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Prescription Drug Crime Defense

San Diego Drug Offense Lawyer Defends Against Prescription Fraud Charges

California drug offense laws do not just pertain to illegal drugs. Drug charges also relate to prescription drugs, which are placed into the category of controlled substances. Illegal actions involving legally prescribed drugs can be severely penalized in this state. An individual who is facing criminal charges for the unlawful use of a prescription drug should obtain knowledgeable defense from a San Diego drug offense lawyer.

You can be charged for the following types of offenses associated with a prescription drug:

Illegal use of prescription drugs, including ingredients found in medications, can result in serious charges for the offender. Many prescription drugs are very addictive and have great potential to be abused. Unfortunately, it is common for individuals to become addicted to a drug that they were legally prescribed during recovery from an injury or surgery. Addicted patients have been known to take any measure available to obtain more of the drugs they feel they need. Doctor shopping is one illegal practice that people take to unlawfully obtain prescription drugs, and it can result in severe penalties.

Prescription Drug Abuse and Misuse

A variety of prescription drugs are used in illegal manners by more than 15 million Americans each year. Painkillers are commonly misused for illegal purposes, including recreation and abuse. Designed to ease pain, Percocet, for example, is commonly misused and often results in serious addictions. Oxycodone is the primary active ingredient in Percocet, making this drug one of the most popular prescription painkillers available. It has been a popular product in the illicit drug market.

Other commonly abused drugs include:

  • Hydrocodone, which is sold as Vicodin
  • Lortab
  • Lorcet
  • Opium
  • Codeine
  • Morphine
  • Oxycodone (Oxycontin)
  • Fentanyl
  • Norcos

The manufacture of controlled substances is another type of prescription drug misuse. A common example of this type of painkiller misuse is through the purchase of prescription medications that contain ephedrine. Ephedrine has the capability to increase energy levels and assist with the toning of one's body, which is why it is commonly misused by athletes. It can also be used to manufacture methamphetamine (meth). Other types of prescription painkillers can also be used for the manufacture of illegal drugs and controlled substances. Such offenses can be charged and penalized by California law enforcement.

Penalties for Prescription Drug Offenses

Individuals who face prescription drug offense charges may have their lives forever changed without the attentive representation of a committed San Diego prescription drug offense lawyer from my firm. Frequently, people who face prescription drug charges are law-abiding citizens who have now found themselves in a difficult position or suffering from addiction. Do you need an attorney to defend against your prescription drug abuse charges in San Diego? I have handled many of these cases, and my experience can be used to your advantage.

Do not hesitate to contact my firm as soon as possible. I can perform a complete client interview, gather all available facts, perform a thorough investigation and then take the appropriate motions to provide you with the highest quality of defense available. Contact my firm today!