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Transportation of Drugs

San Diego Drug Offense Lawyer Defends Against Trafficking Charges

In the state of California, the transportation of drugs is illegal. Drug transportation is prohibited by the California Health and Safety Code 11352 and can result in severe and life-changing penalties. An individual in possession of any type of drug can face transportation charges if certain factors are in place. Defendants who are charged with this crime have typically been arrested after being found to be transporting illegal drugs across state border lines. Federal drug offense laws specify this crime as drug trafficking, which can carry very severe penalties.

Penalties for the transportation or trafficking of drugs depend on the schedule of drug, the quantity discovered, and whether you have a prior criminal record. Your intention with the narcotics will also be a large factor when it comes to assigning specific penalties based on your charge.

In order for the trafficking charge to be filed, prosecution officials must be able to prove that you were in fact transporting the drug for the purpose of sale and distribution and not just carrying it for personal use. A felony charge can damage your chance of obtaining employment or qualifying for things that require a background check.

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