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Drug Sales Lawyer in San Diego

What are the penalties for selling drugs in California?

California has specific laws prohibiting the sale of illegal drugs and controlled substances. Drug sale laws are separate from charges of possession with the intent to sell and have different associated penalties. Laws in California place severe penalties on people who are convicted of a drug sale. As your San Diego drug offense lawyer, I can do everything legally possible to ensure that the government is forced to fully meet the burden of proof in your case. It is essential that you speak with my firm at your earliest convenience.

Penalties for drug sales in California can be increased based on the type of drug that was sold and the amount that was involved in the transaction. People who have been caught selling more than 400 grams of a Schedule I drug can face very severe penalties, such as felony punishments including heavy fines and imprisonment.

My firm understands the federal and state laws regarding the sale of both controlled substances and illegal drugs. If aggravating factors are included in your offense, your penalties can be increased. I can evaluate the circumstances of your case and inform you of the potential outcomes.

Defense Against Drug Crime Charges

You will most likely not be able to obtain an alternative penalty for a drug sale conviction. It is important to work with a qualified San Diego drug sale lawyer from my firm for legal assistance defending your case and combatting the charges against you. At Kern Law, APC, I believe that everyone deserves justice in their case and I am here to ensure that your side is heard. I can work diligently to investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and investigate whether the prosecution had probable cause to perform a search of your home, vehicle, or person.

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