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Legal Defense for Military DUIs in San Diego

Defending Military Members Who Are Facing Civilian DUI Charges

If you are a service member and have been charged with a DUI off base, you could face consequences in civilian court. You could have your license suspended, have to pay a fine, face time in jail, be referred to an alcohol abuse treatment program, or any number of other penalties. Additionally, your military career could be affected by a conviction. If you are charged with DUI, you need an attorney who focuses on military defense in civilian courts. Call Kern Law, APC for legal help.

You could ultimately face a discharge or a reduction in grade for conduct that includes DUI. Make sure you have an aggressive defense attorney on your side who will fight to have your punishments reduced or possibly dropped.

Protect Your Future in the Military

Don't let a DUI ruin your goals as a member of the U.S. military. Act quickly to fight your charge and protect your reputation. Speak with a San Diego military DUI defense attorney from our firm to learn how we can defend you in civilian court after you've been arrested for DUI.

For DUI arrests by civilian police:

  • You will not face a military court martial for the same crime
  • Possible mandatory substance abuse treatment
  • Revocation of pass privileges
  • Corrective training
  • Disorderly conduct charge

My Firm Stands Ready to Help

If you are charged with a crime and need legal representation either in a criminal trial, call me right away. At Kern Law, APC, I have 20 years of criminal law experience defending all sorts of military offenses and focus on drug- and alcohol-related crimes such as DUIs. No matter the consequences you are facing, my firm can help!

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