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Why should I hire an attorney?

Why hire an attorney is a question often considered by those facing criminal charges or allegations. Most people want to hire an attorney; however, attorney fees usually prevent them from doing so. In fact, if money were taken out of the equation, almost everyone would hire their own attorney.

I agree that hiring an attorney can be expensive. But there are certain things in life that are so important, they are worth the cost. In our society, we value liberty; it is a pervasive idea expressed throughout our society. In 1775, Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty, or give me death."

Whenever someone has been charged with a criminal case – felony or misdemeanor – their liberty is at risk. When liberty is affected, jobs are affected because that person cannot work; families are affected because custody (jail) strains those relationships; and reputations are undoubtedly affected.

All of these issues will directly or indirectly affect the ability to make money. If a decision is made to not hire an attorney, someone, in effect, may lose more money in the future than the amount paid to retain an attorney.

For example, if someone makes $2500 per month, and sentenced to 90 days after convictions, $7500 is potentially lost. If that same person were to hire an attorney for $3500, and the attorney was able to keep them out of jail, they have saved themselves $4000. (This equation does not include court fines or fees associated with a conviction.)

At Kern Law, APC, I minimize this concern by allowing flexible and affordable payment plans. Moreover, I accept all major credit cards. The bottom line is this: choose an attorney based on experience and quality of service; not the fees charged.