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Hiring the Best Attorney in San Diego

How to hire the best attorney is a very subjective question. There is not one answer – because different people have different ideas of what type of attorney is best for their particular case. There are a few things, however, you should consider when ascertaining if someone is the best attorney for your case:

  1. Experience: This sounds fairly straight forward but is worth repeating. Often, I have potential clients ask me to help them with a legal issue that is unrelated to DUI or criminal defense. I refer them to colleagues that specialize in the area of law that applies to their case. As an experienced DUI and criminal defense attorney, I spend all of my time working, researching, and learning the nuances and complexities of DUI and criminal law. There are literally hundreds (thousands) of cases and different procedures attendant with different areas of the law. Because of my experience, I can listen to a client during an interview and understand almost immediately what legal issues we need to address – and where to find the relevant information to answer those questions. If you hire an attorney that does not specialize in your area, you run the risk of not receiving the best representation – because you are asking them to potentially learn a new area of law while concurrently providing you with representation. This is extremely difficult. It is similar to asking a doctor that specializes in heart disease to treat you for arthritis.
  2. Access: This is critically important. DUI and criminal cases are very fluid; that is, things are constantly changing. New information is discovered through investigation and discussions with the district attorney; new allegations are added; clients remember things about their cases not previously mentioned to their attorney; potential witnesses that may have helpful information are discovered; and programs or alternatives to custody that may be available. These are just some of the things that take place during representation. If you and your attorney do not communicate often enough, you may miss out on information or opportunities that are critical to your defense.
  3. Know your attorney: It is important to know the attorney that will work your case. Some firms have attorneys that exclusively retain clients. Then, they have an associate or some other attorney from their office work the case and perform primary interactions and communications with the client. There is nothing wrong, legally or ethically, with this. However, you should know when you hire an attorney what attorney will actually work your case.
  4. Attorney Philosophy: Does your attorney primarily believe in negotiating settlements, or do they organize a defense with the expectation of going to trial if the facts and circumstances warrant it. This is critically important because not all attorneys are trial attorneys. If you have a case that should be litigated, and you have an attorney that does not litigate, this will create an untenable situation; ultimately, your case will suffer.
  5. Fees: Everyone has heard, "You Get What You Pay For." DUI and criminal charges have consequences that affect every aspect of life – reputations, careers, jobs, marriages, families, and education just to name a few. Be wary of lawyers that charge a fee that is not commensurate with the severity of the potential consequences. Certain things are worth paying for: A good, experienced attorney is one of them.

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