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Military Discounts

San Diego County is home to over 90,000 Navy personnel, 60 Navy ships, and 35,000 Marine Corps personnel. These members consist of individuals, families, and retirees. At Kern Law, APC, I have represented many members of the US armed forces in times of great need.

The military provides excellent resources for its members; however, many military members face legal issues that require the specialty of an experienced criminal defense attorney. For example, some members may be charged with DUI (VC 23152(a)(b)), prescription drug charges (HS 11377(a), HS11350), or other types of drug related charges (HS 11351, HS11378, HS11379),etc. An experienced criminal defense attorney that specializes in drug related cases is imperative.

The consequences of a criminal conviction for military members when compared to their civilian counterparts can be severe. For example, military members may receive a demotion in rank and pay, or their military careers may be placed in jeopardy, depending the on the nature of the allegations.

Furthermore, military members may be dealing with other issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or other combat and non-combat related issues. These conditions provide a complexity to the case that only an experienced attorney will understand and know how to incorporate into their case as a potential defense or mitigating circumstance.

I have spent the last 10 years dedicating my practice to helping military members by providing quality and professional representation. I provide a 10 percent discount for all active military, and I structure payment plans that are affordable.

If you are in the military, and you are in need of experienced criminal representation, contact Kern Law, APC today, and speak with me personally about your case.