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Operation Crystal Palace II

Forty-five people were indicted in San Diego Thursday, February 6, 2014, in federal court on charges of sales and trafficking of methamphetamine and gun charges.

In a year-long investigation dubbed Operation Crystal Palace II, investigators conducted a three day sweep of gangs primarily in Linda Vista, City Heights, Mid City, Claremont Mesa, Oak Park, and Midtown.

40 suspected in the illegal activity were arrested and 52 weapons were confiscated. A combination of local, state, and federal agents were involved in the operation. Almost $60,000 in cash was seized in addition to assault rifles.

Court documents allege that some of the defendants were distributing methamphetamine to Hawaii, Guam, and Minnesota.

US Attorney Laura Duffy indicated that federal prosecutions of drug crimes have increased over 500 percent in the past five years for the Southern District of California.

San Diego County previously held the ignominious distinction of being known for the prevalence of its meth labs. However, these labs have shifted to Mexico – which may explain why methamphetamine seizures have almost doubled at the California-Mexico border over the past three years.

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