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NBOMe: New Designer Drug

Twenty overdose deaths across the country have been linked to a new designer drug called NBOMe or 25i. NBOMe is a manmade hallucinogen – similar to LSD, but more potent and deadly. The drug produces effects at micrograms levels, not gram levels. It is sold as a powder, liquid, or edible. The variety of forms may facilitate the popularity of the drug – especially among teenagers.

The drug is very popular with teenagers and is often soaked onto blotter paper. Trace amounts of the drug can cause cardiac and respiratory arrest, seizures, and death. In 2013, Washington State had 10 known NBOMe overdoses. Most of the victims were 15 and 16-years-old. An 18-year-old Arizona State Freshman died a day after taking NBOMe.

NBOMe is sold by word-of-mouth and over the internet. NBOMe has message boards and websites providing detailed information about the drug, which may contribute to its increased popularity.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) outlawed the drug last year. To emphasize the severity of this drug, the DEA took the extraordinary step in November 2013 of adding NBOMe to its list as a schedule 1 controlled substance. A Schedule 1 drug is not considered to have an accepted medical use, has a high potential for abuse, and is the most dangerous of all drugs on the DEA schedule list.

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