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Operation November Reign

On Friday, May 9, 2014, the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) arrested 74 suspected drug dealers in and around the downtown area of San Diego. The arrests were the result of a massive undercover sting operation that San Diego Police have conducted over the past six weeks.

The operation was initiated because of citizen complaints about drug dealing coming from the Gaslamp District, Sherman Heights, Golden Hill, East Village, and Core-Columbia. As part of the operation, SDPD officers purchased controlled substances from street dealers in these areas.

The San Diego Police Department worked in connection with the District Attorney's Office to obtain the arrest warrants. The district attorney presented the information to the grand jury, which issued the 74 indictments and arrest warrants.

The drugs alleged to have been sold were heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine – Health and Safety Code Sections 11351, 11351.5, 11352, & 11352.5.

AB 109

The indictments contained the names of six parolees and eight probationers. The probationers were on probation due to the new state law AB 109 – which allowed inmates that would ordinarily be sentenced to state prison terms serve their sentences in county jails. Instead of being placed on parole after serving a prison sentence, they are placed on probation after they have completed their term in county jail.

This form of supervision is referred to as Post Release Community Supervision (PRCCS). The idea is that instead of the punitive nature that many associate with parole, which may contribute to the high recidivism rate, PRCCS is supposed to offer more services to facilitate success back into the community.

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