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Introduction to Charges of Health and Safety Code Section 11350

At Kern Law, APC we have represented clients for 15 years against charges of Health and Safety Code Section 11350, Possession of Heroin. If you or someone you know has been charged or arrested for Possession of Heroin in Chula Vista, contact Kern Law, APC today. We provide a confidential consultation, and we are conveniently located in La Mesa.

Chula Vista, California is a city located in the South County of San Diego. It includes areas such as East Lake, Rolling Hills, Otay Ranch, and Rancho Del Rey. Other cities close to Chula Vista include Bonita and National City.

Heroin has become popular, again, in recent years. Some heroin users began using prescription painkillers – Fentanyl, OxyContin, Percocet, etc., -- before using heroin. HS 11350 applies to simple possession of heroin. HS 11351 and HS 11352 statutes deal with Possession for Sale and Transportation for Sale, respectively.

Possession of Heroin is a misdemeanor as a result of Prop 47; however, the consequences of a conviction are severe and may include up to a year in county jail, probation, fines, public work service, a criminal record, and losing your Fourth Amendment rights.

There are many potential defenses to a charge of HS 11350. There may be Fourth Amendment violations if the heroin was found without a warrant. There may be Fifth Amendment issues if the heroin was found through statements that violated your Miranda rights. Potential defenses also include, for example, was the heroin “possessed” or did the person have knowledge of the heroin. Many other defenses may be case specific that we can use in defense of your rights.

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