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HS 11366, Maintaining a Place for Drug Use or Drug Sales

At Kern Law, APC we have provided quality defense for almost 20 years for clients that have been charged with HS 11366, maintaining a place for preparing, storing, or selling drugs. The County of San Diego and the State of California aggressively prosecute these cases. HS 11366 cases can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or felony. If convicted of a felony, the person can be sentenced to state prison.

To prove that someone is guilty of HS 11366 the district attorney must establish:

  1. The person charged opened or maintained a place;

  2. The person charged opened or maintained the place with the intent to sell, or give away, or allow others to use a controlled substance or narcotic drug, on a continuous or repeated basis at that place.

Oftentimes, the allegations will involve someone operating their home to illegally grow marijuana or using their property to sell drugs, or allowing people to use drugs on the property. One issue, however, is that the purpose must be a continuous or repetitive use of the place for illegal activity. Simply allowing personal drug use on the property is not sufficient. This is where an experienced criminal defense attorney is necessary to aggressively defend your case. We know how to protect your rights and put forth the strongest possible defense against allegations of HS 11366.

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