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Prostitution Defense Attorney, PC 647(b)

At Kern Law, APC, we have been aggressively defending clients charged with Prostitution (PC 647(b)) for nearly 20 years. The San Diego District Attorney’s Office aggressively prosecutes Prostitution cases in San Diego County. A Prostitution conviction can have severe and detrimental impacts on your life, affecting employment, family, and your standing in the community.

If convicted of Prostitution in San Diego, California, you may face penalties of up to six months in county jail, probation, substantial fines, mandatory classes, and a permanent criminal record. At Kern Law, APC, we understand the challenges clients face when charged with prostitution, and we diligently work to defend, and protect their rights, and put forward the most effective and comprehensive defense.

Prostitution involves engaging in sexual intercourse or lewd acts with another person in exchange for money or compensation. Under PC 647(b), both the prostitute and the customer are considered participants in an act of prostitution when they engage in sexual intercourse or lewd acts.


An experienced criminal defense attorney is essential for a successful defense against a Prostitution charge. Several potential defenses may apply to your case. For instance, was there a case of mistaken identity, no agreement to engage in prostitution, entrapment, lack of evidence, false accusations, or did solicitation not actually occur?

If you need help defending yourself against a Prostitution charge, PC 647(b), contact Kern Law, APC, today to schedule a free consultation.