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At Kern Law, APC we have successfully defended clients for 20 years against restraining orders allegations. Restraining orders can include the following: Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVTRO), Elder Abuse Restraining Orders, Civil Harassment Restraining Orders, and Work Place Violence Restraining Orders.

Restraining Orders can have serious consequences. If granted, the person may have to relinquish firearms, their movement may be restricted, they may have to move, and they may face potential criminal prosecution for violating the order. There may be additional consequences. Criminal charges for violating a restraining order may include PC 273.6; and/or PC 29825(b), owning or processing a firearm while under a restraining order. Restraining orders can last up to five years, or longer, depending on the type of order that is granted.

DVTRO’s and Civil Harassment Restraining Orders are very common. For the court to find that Harassment has taken place, the following must be proved. The Harassment must either be unlawful violence, a credible threat of violence, or a knowing and willful course of conduct directed at the petitioner, and serves no legitimate purpose. (CCP Section 527.6(b)(3). If the conduct does not meet this definition of Harassment, the court cannot grant the restraining order.

At Kern Law, APC, we have extensive experience representing clients facing a restraining order. If you or someone you know, needs help defending themselves against a restraining order, contact Kern Law, APC, today. We provide a free, confidential consultation.