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Are you looking for an experienced attorney to provide you with effective legal representation for your criminal case in Encinitas, California? I am Michael D. Kern, a criminal defense lawyer who leverages 20 years of experience. At my firm, Kern Law, APC, I believe in providing each client with personalized attention.

I carefully listen to each client's concerns and objectives, and then I create a defense plan that is appropriate for the person's individual needs. Furthermore, I provide honest feedback, making sure not overpromise results.

Individuals who turn to my firm for assistance can expect that I will bring nothing less than my best to their cases! To discuss your case with me for free, you can contact my office to schedule an appointment.

Handling Drug Charges, DUI Charges and More

Many clients turn to my law firm for assistance with drug charges. I have a wealth of experience handling these types of cases, which involves drugs such as:

Some defendants are accused of illegal possession of these drugs, while others are accused of offenses such as the illegal sale or transportation of drugs. When individuals are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (or DUI), I can help them aggressively defend their rights and their freedom.

Even when there is DUI evidence, such as results from breath and blood tests or from field sobriety tests, there are still many ways to build a strong defense. In addition to drug and DUI cases, my firm also provides defense in many other kinds of criminal cases.

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Make sure you get the legal help you need if you are charged with a crime in Encinitas. Contact my firm for personalized and cost-effective legal representation for your case.

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Crime Statistics for Encinitas, California

Encinitas is a coastal city that is located in San Diego County, California. When compared to other cities of similar population size across the U.S., Encinitas has a crime rate that is well below average. This city's overall crime rate (or the number of annual crimes per 1,000 residents) is 23.72, which consists of a property crime rate of 21.26 and violent crime rate of 2.46. The chances of having a crime committed against you in Encinitas are 1 in 42.

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