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Criminal Defense Attorney in San Marcos

Defense for Drug and DUI Charges

Have you been accused of a drug crime or DUI in San Marcos or the surrounding areas? These types of criminal charges can seriously impact your life, resulting in potential incarceration, heavy fines, probation, loss of your driver's license, and more. Regardless of the circumstances, you are innocent until proven guilty. You need a skilled legal professional working on your defense in the face of often aggressive prosecution.

The Benefits of Working With Kern Law, APC

As a criminal defense lawyer at Kern Law, APC I have the requisite experience, skills, and commitment to help you. I have dedicated my legal practice solely to criminal defense; that focus includes a 18+ year history of dealing with every aspect of this area of law, from misdemeanors to felonies, bench trials, jury trials, arraignments, sentencing, expungements, and all procedures that take place within the criminal justice system.

I can protect your rights and advocate on your behalf in drug charges related to:

These charges may involve possession, sales, distribution, transportation, and trafficking of illegal drugs or other drug-related crimes. I also focus on DUI charges, including drugged driving charges.

No matter how complicated or difficult your case may appear to be, you can count on uncompromising legal representation when you contact my firm. I will ensure that you understand where you stand, the legal factors involved in your particular circumstances, and how best to proceed, offering experienced advice and guidance throughout the criminal justice process.

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I offer a free case consultation in which you can tell me what happened after which I can conduct a thorough investigation into the charges and evidence against you. Contact my firm after any arrest to get started.

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