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Charges for Valium Abuse in California

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Were you arrested for allegedly possessing, purchasing or transporting Valium without a valid prescription? What about selling the prescription drug with the intent to sell it? If you are facing charges for any of these drug offenses in the San Diego area, your first course of action should be to call a knowledgeable San Diego drug offense lawyer. Without an experienced legal advocate, you are much more likely to be convicted of your charges and subsequently suffer from serious penalties.

By bringing your case to my law firm, Kern Law, APC, you get to work with a lawyer who can bring you 20 years of legal experience.

About Valium

Valium (also known as diazepam) is a psychiatric drug that that is mainly prescribed to treat anxiety, though it is also prescribed to treat conditions such as seizures and muscle spasms, according to the National Institute of Health's MedlinePlus website. It is even sometimes prescribed to help patients lower the level of agitation caused by alcohol withdrawal. This depressant falls into the benzodiazepine class of drugs and has a calming effect on the person taking the substance. There are many individuals who are accused of taking Valium when they do not actually have valid prescriptions for the drug, or when they actually do not have any medical need for it.

Defense Against Valium-Related Drug Charges

California law lists diazepam (or Valium) as a Schedule IV controlled substance. Unlawful possession of Valium can be counted as either an infraction of a misdemeanor, according to California's Health and Safety Code §11375. If anyone sells Valium or possesses the prescription with an intention of selling it, he or she can end up being sentenced to up to one year in state prison, if convicted. Much larger drug sale operations that involve Valium could be considered drug trafficking, potentially leading to penalties that are much more severe.

How to Defend Your Valium Offenses

There are many ways to challenge Valium charges. A few of the possible defenses include the following:

  • Showing that the defendant has a valid prescription for Valium
  • Showing that the defendant did not actually have control over the drug (a necessary component of possession charges)
  • Showing that the defendant did not actually know that the Valium was in his or her possession (such as if someone else placed it on her or her property)
  • Showing that the defendant possessed the Valium but did not have intent to sell or distribute

There are also other potential defenses that could be used in a defendant's case. When I handle your case at Kern Law, APC, I can help you identify your best defense options. You might choose to challenge your accusers or work with them to reach a favorable deal, such as involvement in a drug diversion program instead of a jail term.

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