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Vicodin Attorney in San Diego

Providing Tough Defense for Prescription Drug Abuse Charges

If you have been accused of illegal possession or sales of Vicodin, then it is imperative that you retain a San Diego drug offense attorney from my firm. At Kern Law, APC, you can expect that I will carefully investigate your case to find the best possible defense for prescription drug abuse charges.

Penalties for Vicodin Charges in California

According to the United States Controlled Substances Act, Vicodin is a Schedule III drug, meaning that it has medical uses, but has a high potential for abuse that can lead to severe dependence. In California, sale and possession of Vicodin is highly regulated.

If authorities suspect you of committing one of the following offenses, then you may be charged with a crime:

  • Possessing Vicodin without a prescription
  • Possessing more Vicodin than a medical professional authorized you to have in a prescription
  • Possessing more than one prescription for Vicodin
  • Possessing someone else's prescription
  • Selling Vicodin
  • Intending to sell Vicodin

Those who are found to be possessing Vicodin in California will most likely be facing misdemeanor charges of a year in jail and $1,000 fine at most. Those found selling Vicodin may be facing felony charges, penalties include more than 16 months in a state prison and up to $20,000 in fines. Sales or intent to sell can increase your prison sentence, depending on how much of the drug you had and where you sold it. Learn more about the consequences of Vicodin charges in California by reviewing CA Health & Safety Code 11350-11356.5.

About Vicodin

Vicodin is a drug that combines hydrocodone and acetaminophen, meant to relieve moderate to high levels of pain. While the drug blocks brain receptors, it also gives patients a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. As patients continue to use the drug, they usually develop a level of tolerance. This causes them to need to increase their dosage in order to get the same effect.

San Diego Drug Lawyer Offers Assistance

If you were arrested for Vicodin possession in California, then you have hope of getting your charges dropped or reduced. As a San Diego Vicodin attorney, I have a number of effective defenses that I can use on your behalf! I may be able to show that you did, in fact, have a valid prescription, or yours is a case of mistaken identity. If the police did not have a search warrant, then I may be able to dismiss the evidence due to your Fourth Amendment Rights. These or other reasons may be able to get you out of a conviction for prescription drug abuse!

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