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Methadone Charges in California

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Methadone is a drug that is used to treat addiction to more powerful opiates (particularly heroin) in individuals who are enrolled in treatment programs. This drug, which is a narcotic, is used for such treatment because it reduces the symptoms of withdrawal from heroin and other opiates. Methadone had many different street names, including dollies, dolls, fizzies and methadose, among others. Use of this drug is legal for individuals who are part of the appropriate treatment programs and who have the necessary prescriptions.

There are many people throughout the state of California who are arrested for unlawful possession and use of methadone. If you were arrested for this offense, or other drug offenses related to methadone, it is in your best interests to secure representation from a capable lawyer. Turn to my law firm, Kern Law, APC for dedicated and professional legal representation. I am a San Diego drug offense attorney who can help you fight to protect your future.

What penalties am I facing for Methadone abuse?

According to California's Health and Safety Code, methadone falls in the opiates category and is a Schedule II controlled substance—a category of dangerous drugs that have high potential for psychological and physical dependence. When people are found guilty of unlawfully possessing methadone, they can end up being sentenced to 16 months in jail or two to three years of in prison.

Furthermore, unlawfully possessing or purchasing methadone with the intent to sell it can result in imprisonment for two to four years, depending on the circumstances. Unlawfully selling, transporting or administering methadone (or committing other specified acts in relation to this drug) can result in two to five years in prison. Individuals with previous drug convictions on their records can be subject to harsher penalties.

Defenses to Prescription Drug Charges

With the skilled lawyer advocating on your behalf, it could be possible to reach a favorable outcome in your cases. For example, you might be able to obtain drug treatment in place of harsher sentencing; or, you could potentially obtain a "not guilty" verdict or even get your charges completely dismissed.

It might be possible to prove in court that you were actually lawfully prescribed methadone or that you were taking the drug as part of a legitimate treatment program. Physicians who are accused of unlawfully prescribing or administering methadone to patients (or committing prescription fraud) should also obtain strong legal representation.

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